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Vinnis is a remarkable biochemist who longs to one day create something to be memorialized as a hero to his people. He works closely with the military, creating a serum to make stronger soldiers. When he finally does succeed, seven soldiers gain immensely destructive powers that easily destroy any foe.  

When a power-hungry-fearmonger, named Arpi, takes credit for Vinnis' work, he is seen as the hero insteadVinnis becomes enraged but there is nothing he can do. Arpi has power, he doesn't. The soldiers become known as the Seven Saviors after protecting their home world Vadeus from invaders that sought to conquer and enslave them.  

Reeling from their near enslavement and finding out their planet's energy source is dyingArpi orders research done on their neighboring worlds. After several scouting missions, Vinnis learns Arpi plans to send the Saviors to conquer the worlds they found for resources and to keep them from coming after VadeusVinnis refuses to let the other planets suffer at the hands of his creations and decides to sneak off ahead of the Saviors with hopes of saving the worlds from a terrible fate.