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Giallo Gumbo REMIX Issue (Physical Copy)

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Enjoy this Abridged version of the original Giallo Gumbo! 32 Pages of action and suspense!

Take a thrilling ride into the terrifying world of urban literature, horror and noir.

What's unique is that everyone's bio will be told on a first person basis. These bios may be plagued with deceptive lies, exaggerated truths, and bias thoughts. The reader will have to determine what can be taken as law by tuning in the stories for the upcoming manga series. As a bonus there will be exclusive unreleased artwork and a 11 page preview of actual panels and pages for the manga series. T

Written and Created by: Jahni Kwatrae

Featuring Artwork by:  Anthony Piper, Welinthon Nommo, Phillip Johnson, Mikhail Sebastian, K.C. Bailey, Luis Figueiredo, Chase Conley, and Tovio Rogers